Tuesday, November 3, 2015

No Stirrup November

All three of my trainers seem to have come to the general consensus that Emily will not jump up until she is bored to tears over her current fence height.

Haha trainers. Fine. I'll show you- I'll make this more amusing by jumping everything without stirrups.

Seriously though, since I am crooked on the flat and wiggly towards the fences, I've taken delight in dropping my stirrups to get more centered in the saddle and a deeper, more confident seat riding up to jumps. Not to mention that riding sans irons is continuing to develop my leg and heel.

Now if I could only get that same pleasure out of posting the trot without stirrups. This has the potential to be a looonnnggg winter.


  1. haha check you out - you two look awesome!! (and my legs may or may not feel a little achy just from watching lol)

  2. I find posting the trot sans stirrups easier than cantering, so am impressed by your video!

  3. Posting the trot without stirrups is maybe my least favorite. When I drop my stirrups, I take the opportunity to improve my sitting trot. :P

  4. Impressive! Looking good! I can post trot all day without stirrups but don't ask me to jump anything. I just don't have the nerve to jump without them. at least not yet.

    1. Haha. Long legs...fat horse... I'm not sure. I just try to stay centred and tall in the saddle.

  5. I hate posting without stirrups!!! 👎🏼

    Looking great girl!!

  6. You look great, I am jealous!!