Monday, November 4, 2013

Equestrian Bucket List

Little Bay Princess is hosting a blog hop and I had to jump in. I seem to have stumbled onto this fabulous group of equestrian bloggers and they're always doing fun things like giveaways, blog hops, and challenges (like the 2 Point Challenge)!

The topic of this blog hop is my Equestrian Bucket List! 

1. Sometimes I daydream about riding Wilbur in the USHJA International Hunter Derby Finals. I had decided to keep his registered AQHA show name- LOTSA XS ROYALTY. But for this special occasion he would go in as Wilbur. Just for giggles.
And of course I'd high five my friend, Erin, at the in gate.
Yes I am a huge nerd and photographed her round on my iphone while the finals streamed on my computer.

2. While the Derby goal may be a bit of a stretch- becoming a better horsewoman certainly isn't. Confession time. I never polo wrap. It takes me FOREVER because I keep redoing them- it just never looks right.
I loved the barn that I grew up riding at- but outside of the very basics- we didn't get much learning in the way of  horse care. I know what you're thinking- polo wraps are the basics! But we never wrapped so I just never learned.
Obviously this is just one example- with a whole litany of others that need some work (including but not limited to: bandaging, horse health & basic first aid, feed & supplements) Being an adult re-rider it has been challenging to a. find the time to learn and practice and b. find someone who is willing to teach as most of the barns I've ridden at as an adult have been full service.
So that's a Bucket List item- Learn More, Read More, Practice More, Be a Better Horsewoman.

3. Hmmmm. What's my third? I could choose to ride in each continent. Or have my own stable full of GP Jumpers. I guess I can cross one thing off my equestrian bucket list already- owning a horse! Now how do I get 5 more?
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  1. Thanks for hopping! ;)

    I love the idea of a barn full of GP horses... just as soon as I win the lottery...

  2. I'm obsessed with derbies. Derby all the courses!