Monday, November 18, 2013

Getting Fit: One Turbo Kick Class at a Time

Part of my grand plan while leasing Polly through March was really working to, not only get in strong riding shape, but to get into good shape period. Because there's a difference right? Like when you tell someone you're not going to the gym because you have a riding lesson. Cue the arched eyebrow and the, "ummmm....isn't the horse doing most of the work?"
And I kinda agree. Don't get me wrong- riding a horse is no easy task and muscles are used that aren't going to be toned by an elliptical for twenty minutes a day.

But I feel a major difference when I'm a little lighter in the saddle just in the way I'm able to manipulate and maneuver. I am feeling it now as the jumps are getting bigger- my heels are popping up and I'm resting a little too heavily in my crest release.

A week long vacation where I drank my weight in tropical cocktails followed by a work trip have not helped my cause BUT I managed to get my butt to my very favorite Turbo Kick class tonight and am back on the wagon!


  1. I need to get back to the gym too. It's easier on you and your horse when the rider is fit!

  2. Shoot I am pretty sure Henry is more of a work out then the gym.. I think it depends on the horse for sure :) But an all around fit rider is the best for all :)