Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More Pics from the Cayman Islands!

Had to share a few more snaps from my Grand Cayman trip. I'm not usually a "trail ride on vacation" kinda gal- I usually just end up feeling bad for the horses. My coworker convinced me to join her and her husband saying that the spot had gotten great reviews on Lonely Planet. I was actually quite impressed with my sweet girl, Summer, and the experience in general.

Until I was pulled out of line for a gallop on the beach. And was told, "she's a fast one." Ummm. Can we just trot? The answer: there was no trot. And I didn't fall off (luckily #ridinginTOMs). And most of the time we just walked.
Was very happy to get home to lazy Polly where a hand gallop is in fact just a lope.

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