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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tack Trunks: How Many is Too Many?

Tack. Trunk. Obsession. I don't know what to say. Three tack trunks is a little excessive. 

I'll attribute this neurosis entirely to my big blue tupperware. I toted that Tupperware to not one, not two, but three different barns- and across the country from Indiana to California to boot. Bless my trainers hearts, they always found a spot for it. Albeit in the far back corner under a pile of blankets. 

While there is nothing wrong at all with storing riding gear in a giant tupperware, I had always admired the shiny barn trunks lined up in a row. 

When I bought Wilbur I also bought a "large" trunk from an online retailer and waiting eagerly for the arrival. It was small. Small enough to be called cute. Call out here for failure to measure.  

And naturally I had done a pretty substantial amount of shopping to supply Wilbs in the funnest of outfits. So I lived a bit like a nomad- with the essentials in the cute trunk and the rest overflowing my other trunk- the trunk of my car. 

Then the Smartpak trunk arrived. I freaking love everything about it. It's huge, fits most of my stuff (cue cute trunk), has a bandage lid top. Perfection personified in a wooden box. 

Fast forward to May when I joined the KMT team. My dream of having a barn branded trunk was about to be realized and in a fit of excitement I ordered one. It was supposed to take 6-8 weeks the arrive but we never got a call and I milked that extra time for as long as it was worth. But I knew that it had to be waiting for pickup at Western Saddlery so I mustered up my bank account along with the 6 $20 gift cards we had won showing this year and picked it up on Saturday. 

It's beautiful. It has my name on it. The KMT trunk is now storing the blankets, show gear, and Wilbur's tack while he's gone. 
And the cute trunk is sitting in my backseat (yes- it fits in the backseat of my Honda Civic) waiting to go to a new home. I'm hoping it goes to some horse crazy girl who has a very large tupperware of her own. 


  1. So pretty! I adore my trunk but it's getting pretty rough around the edges. I'm hoping to be able to take some Christmas money and get new panels in my barn colors with my married name.

    1. Ohhh- that would be fun! Like a mini-make over and poof new trunk!

  2. It's so pretty!! At my stable we have lockers, and they are not nearly as much fun as trunks!

    1. Lockers aren't so bad! They feel a little bit more permanent to me than a trunk in the middle of the barn. Of course I do love the opportunity to contain overflow with the second trunk. I did get a text from my trainer asking me to take the "cute" one home. Do you get a second locker if you fill your first?

  3. So. pretty. I myself have a cute trunk at the barn, which is fine for now. I also have a GINORMOUS trunk in my parent's garage... which I can't wait to move to my (future) house's garage in like, 10 years.

  4. How big is said Ginourmous trunk? Can I have it? I'm a collector you know :). Ah the random horse stuff that will follow us around forever!