Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dallas- Sheplers Meeting

The Dallas airport is always slightly disappointing to me. It needs a bit of an update. I associate Dallas with big hair and rhinestones. I need the GLITZ!
Tonight I ate dinner at a BBQ joint located in a gas station. It was actually quite good (I ate the same thing I had for lunch earlier today- the pulled pork dinner) and there was unlimited soft serve ice cream. 
Den Pop! 


  1. OOOO new ariat catalog! I love the spring items we just got in at work!

  2. I emailed your address on your contact page last month, you didn't reply so I don't know if you got it. At least commenting on your blog I know you will have received the message... Anyways, my bay area friends and I like to go to Dollar Day at GGF's, we will be going on Feb 23rd if you are interested in joining us since I know are my neighbor across the tunnel(ish). My email, if you want to stay in touch, is Lnwillia at g mail dot com.