Thursday, February 6, 2014

Let's Go Horse Shopping!

What do you think of this cute girl? Kelly and I think she's adorbs! We're going to buzz out to Reno next week to give her a try! Kelly got the 411:
- Owner is a vet who is moving from Hunter/Jumper to endurance
- Trainer on the horse is someone that Kelly knows personally- big plus
- This gal is 6, started as a 5 year old, scopey, big stride, on the smaller size, good mind, not mareish, has been on looonnngg trail rides (like 50mi), did a little cross country, owner took her everywhere (check out the second photo in the link)
See the full scoop and video HERE!!!


  1. Would you be buying her as a project (sorry if I missed that - haven't been the best blog reader lately!)? Super cute!

  2. Yes! A project is really what my budget will but in Cali! Love a project!

  3. She is adorable, I love her dark rimmed ears and forelock. I think she'd make an awesome project :) How exciting!

  4. I love her!! She's soooo cute!!

  5. Very nice, I love grays. A little out of my price range. I'm thinking of looking at a $500 project.