Monday, February 3, 2014

That is the Life

My friend and former co worker is a vegan baker (who knew vegan cookies could taste better than regular cookies?!?) and recently moved to San Diego. 
When I saw this pic posted on her Instagram I was immediately and undeniably insanely jealous. 
Her hashtag? #guacontheside 
I mean. I must be doing something wrong here. Burrito Bowl and a horse. In a field. 
Should you also choose to spiral into shame you can follow her @keirelise


  1. I'm jealous too! Talk about a beautiful view!!

  2. I'm a big vegan baker because my husband is vegan. No dairy needed for deliciousness!

  3. Two of my favorite things! Chipotle and ponies!

  4. I love this photo for so many reasons! :)