Sunday, February 9, 2014

Moving and Wilbur Update

We gave our 30 day notice on our house Feb 1. After making offers on 10 different homes and getting nary a one we've decided that our tiny Rockridge bungalow became stale like two years ago and it's time to get the hell out.
So we've rented a storage unit and found a studio to sublet for 3 weeks beginning Feb 26th in Lake Merritt (the landlord, who will be living above us, loves cats thank god). If we can't buy a house by the end of the summer. Well, let's not go there. In the meantime we're going to have a grand adventure.

We've been busy boxing, purging, and packing this weekend. It's great but exhausting- I feel like a hoarder trying to break free.
Major progress has been made!

Two bits of horse news. I sent my trainer friend, Erin, who I visit every spring at Ocala HITS the link to the little Reno mare......and she doesn't like her. At all. I'm in the process of pinpointing exactly why but it is concerning that my trainer and my friend have such differing opinions.

Marlene sent a Wilbur update that just made my day......
"Wilbur plays every single day! He plays with four different horses every day one on one right after each other. Then he sometimes includes other horses or has a play group! Seriously, I have not ever seen a horse that plays so much! I am going to get them all some new horse toys."
Two main men- Linus & Paul

Oh man. The boxes!


  1. Awww no love for the Rockridge. Lake Merrit's pretty nice. Have fun!

  2. Sending good house buying vibes!! We were beat by cash a million times when buying- can't compete with that!! Haha!

    Glad Wilber is loving life so much- sounds like he's found his place :)

  3. Good luck with finding a house! And enjoy the adventure!

  4. Good luck with the moving and house hunt!! :)

  5. I love the stack of boots!! I am sure that everything will work out well soon :)