Monday, February 17, 2014

First Day with Ellie

I had no problem hopping out of bed this morning! I needed to give Polly a quick hack and then get Ellie ready for our ride with Kelly at 11.
Polls was great. Monday is normally her day off but since I've got some travel tomorrow I switched it up. We took it easy since she was at the tail end of her week and worked over some trot poles in the covered arena.
I had, of course, checked on Ellie when I first arrived and found her snug in her jammies eating breakfast. When I pulled her out I was curious to see how she'd feel about our cross tie arrangement. They're pretty scary! The grooms were busy with other horses- it was nice to have them around in case something went awry. She was just fine and I was happy to see that Wilbur's bridle fit her perfectly. Kelly and Husband Paul both arrived promptly at 11 and Kelly hopped on her in our (also scary) indoor ring. Ellie's trainer said she tended to be a bit lookey in indoor rings- and we had no shortage of activity! Horses coming in and out of turnout, stalls being cleaned (the stall aisles line the two long sides of the ring)- lots to see! And she was just fine.
Kelly popped her over a few jumps then I hopped on and popped over a few jumps. She felt like a pro! Paul, Ellie, and I did a loop around the property and then headed back for some well deserved grazing time. Great first day!


  1. What a good girl! Glad your first day went awesome -- my first trial day with Miles was similar. Hoping good things are to come!

  2. Sounds like she's settling right in! :)

  3. Definitely sounds like a great first day!

  4. I am in LOVE with her color... drooooooling!

    What a good girl for all these firsts!!!