Tuesday, September 2, 2014

31x31 Challenge: Winner!

It's my birthday! And what better way to celebrate than kicking off 31x31! Thanks to all for the input and suggestions (and for not making fun of me)!

I actually crossed one off my list this morning (more on that later) along with a Mimosa and Bagel breakfast with barn friends and a lovely lesson!

The 31x31 List
1. Body Clip
2. Give IM & IV Shots
3. Pull a Mane
4. Polo Wrap
5. Set a course (including gymnastic differences to trot poles, bounce, 1 stride)
6. Clean a stall
7. Sweat Wrap
8. Poultice
9. Braid- Mane and Tail
10. Name and find all tendons, ligaments, bones in the lower leg
11. Emergency response: choking, colic, etc- signs and treatment
12. Administer Bute, Banamine, Ace- circumstance and dosage
13. Hook up, drive, and back up a trailer
14. Pull a sprung shoe
15. Check vital signs- temperature, respiratory, pulse
16. Palpate major soft tissue structures in the leg
17. Clean a water trough
18. Tie a quick release knot and learn to ground tie
19. Pack and wrap feet
20. Learn identifiers of body condition scoring
21. Clean sheath/ teats
22. Basics of saddle fitting
23. Nutrition- what Ellie eats and why along with setting up grain for the barn
24. Properly fit a bridle
25. Groom at a show
26. Make up a basic first aid kit and understand basic shoeing tools
27. Learn anatomy of a horse and basic conformation
28. How to twitch- when to use and basic methods
29. Rasp a hoof
30. De-worm
31. Learn basic massage and stretch techniques

Let's congratulate McKenzie Grundy! You are our winner! Please email me at wilburandemily (at) gmail (dot) com with your shirt size and address!

Cleaning tack. With a mimosa!


  1. ok so i'm new to following you (tho your name is everywhere!) and am just getting caught up - but what an awesome idea! i'm definitely stealing some ideas from your list. hope you have fun accomplishing all these new skills!