Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bae- what it really means

A bit of a random blogger break there. While I started the week off with the best of intentions I also began the week with a 5:40am flight out of SFO to Arkansas. Home Tuesday night around 9:15, long day Wednesday with Fall '15 line close plus dinner with the boss-man (Chevy's- yummo), then a quick day trip to Salt Lake with, you guessed it, a 6am flight time. Still at the airport enjoying a nice glass of wine before heading home!
Glad to see the tail end of this week! Is it too early for a rousing TGIF?

A few random fun notes from my week.....

Today I stopped by Seattles Best Coffee in SLC and was told to bring my cup by later for a free refill. When do you ever have a need for a refill at an airport? When you show up again at 2pm! YES!

I was reviewing my Instagram feed on the Long Term Parking Shuttle Tuesday night. I follow quite a few of the barn juniors and I keep seeing them use the word "bae" in reference to things but not understanding their generational shorthand I can never put it into context. So I googled the term, feeling fairly certain it's some type of Beyonce reference.......
I wonder if the girls realize that bae is the Danish word for poop.

Good morning Fayetteville, AR



  1. I was wondering about that too. The fact that it also means poop seriously cracks me up!

  2. Ditto to Jodi! Your little kitten is so stinking cute!!!

  3. The bae thing is so weird to me. I also learned a new phrase "let's get white girl wasted" tonight which is super special.

    I am getting old.

  4. I think that it was supposed to be "before anything else"? But yes did hear it meant poo. My instagram is filled with tweeners bc of my old barn so I see it regularly.

    Cute kitten!

  5. omg cute kitties!!! it must be orange tabby day on the internetz :)

  6. Hahahah that's hilarious

    Love the orange kitties :)

  7. Bey is for Beyonce.. Bae.. I dunno.

  8. My fiance knows all he has to do is call me bae to boil my blood (Note: he never does this seriously).

  9. Felix is so cute!!!! ( and do us Lioness)