Monday, September 29, 2014

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Let's all raise a collective eyebrow and have a small freakout session over my jacket-less debut at the KMT schooling show Medal final.
It was terribly improper of me, I know. The sad truth? I can't exact fit into any of my hunt coats right now. I thought about going for the Ariat super stretch soft shell but wasn't about to take the chance of, gasp, flashing my show shirt when the snap buttons....unsnapped.
Forget about soft elbows let alone bending arms that are stuffed into the sleeves like tiny sausages.

Did I care for a single moment that I was not in a show coat? Of course not! I was neatly turned out, my horse impeccably turned out (minus a tiny poop on face- inevitable)- and ready to rock my division!

I'm busting my butt 6 days a week in my fitness class and know that when it's (rated) show time next year those damn coats will be too big!

So chill. It'll be fine.
Grey on grey on grey camo- so no one can see me


  1. ... Was that a thing? I didn't even notice. I saw NECK RIBBON and happy rider!

    1. If I had a shad belly I would have totally rocked it!!! You go girl!

  2. I didn't notice either!! Love the grey camo :)

  3. I didn't notice, but I don't really really show. I think you guys looked great! And the camo look is excellent as well :)

  4. Yeah I didn't even notice it at all, don't worry about it! :) You guys did great.

  5. it's about the ride - not the accessories :) glad you all rocked it!

  6. Comfortable, clean and tidy > stylish IMO. Great job at the show!!!

  7. I thought you looked great and honestly just figured coats had been waived or whatever.

  8. didnt notice either! That pretty gray is too distracting :)