Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Relic Tree Fitness

I don't have any horse fodder for this week because I really haven't been to the barn. For my birthday Paul got me an 8 week membership to Relic Tree Fitness which has daily "natural fitness" classes. I'm on my third day and the gist of natural fitness is building lean, mean muscle using your own body weight vs. machines or cardio equipment.

Some people might receive this type of gift and wonder what their significant other is trying to tell them. Not me friends! I LOVE it!

As horse owners we don't have a ton of expendable income and I've looked at boxing gyms, barre method programs, and the like- which all seem to fall way, way out of my budget.

I have struggled to not only find the time to work out, the motivation, but also to find a fitness program that I enjoy! I rock climbed at a local gym for about two years, which I loved, but, as it is a partner sport, I was spending 2+ hours at the gym and only climbing for maybe 45min. Combined with time at the barn I was never home!
And while the climbing was great for strength training, I hit a plateau at the 11A benchmark and realized that unless I got my weight under control I was not going to move up.

I'm not someone who can go to the gym and jump on an elliptical for an hour. BORING! I need an outside motivator! So right now- Relic Tree seems perfect. Small classes, short but powerful sessions, and a fun group of like minded people.

So if that means that my extra petting/ treating sessions with Ellie in the evenings are cut short for a few months while I work on getting fit and strong- so be it. Getting back in shape will make me a better rider!

I'm lucky to have a husband who encourages me to be my best! And gets me kittens! And lets me have horses!


  1. That is an interesting work out idea, I want to look into it. Sounds like our husbands can join in the awesome husband club!

  2. Being fit and strong is important and Plyo is awesome. Hope you have tons of fun!