Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Open Road and New Outlooks

A week has passed since my rather dramatic "I'm a bad rider and I don't know if I want to do this" post. I've had quite a bit of time to mull this over- a VERY long drive to and from San Luis Obispo (8 hours!!!) for a meeting this week.

Nothing beats the open road and some tunes with the windows down. Emma and Brooke have been playing the part of High School boyfriend while I corner them to blather on about my feelings.

I've determined that the catalyst for my outburst was writing the check for the saddle fix because I didn't even flinch. Which is pretty f-'d up considering the amount of money. Not custom saddle money- more like "new couch" money.

And while I giggle on this blog about using Ellie as a couch during hack day while I watch the "big girls" jump or my distinct love of trotting fences- news flash Emily- that's NOT why you are in a full training program at a show barn.

If my end goal is to enjoy the simple hack around (which I LOVE to do- and now Wilbur gets a job too), then I need to move Ellie to a self-service facility and do just that for a lot cheaper than I'm doing it now.

But that's not my end goal. I'd like to jump around a big Hunter course and maybe, one day, compete in a Derby.

After giving this situation some hard thought I came to a painfully simple conclusion. I need to work harder. Canter until Ellie needs a break, not stop when I need one. Jump what I'm told to jump. And push myself to ask for the more challenging option rather than defaulting to the easy.

I've already been putting this into practice with three really solid rides and I'm feeling great. If I am going to continue to make this investment in my hobby then I need to operate at 120% on every ride.

As silly as this realization might seem to some- I'm excited for my new-found attitude towards my sport and looking forward to seeing myself progress forward!
The lonely highway- a welcome relief from Bay Area traffic.

I stop at the Lululemon Outlet once a year as I'm passing through Gilroy. It would basically be a crime not to. 

My life. Feuding cats, wine, and work reports.


  1. Ellie is a nice mare and with your new outlook you guys should be able to accomplish anything and everything you dream up!

  2. I think a lot of people would do good to follow your lead! Good for you!

  3. You go girl!!!!! (remember to still enjoy a trail ride on her now and then too:)

  4. nice breakthrough - it's so crazy how taking a step back to reassess attitude and perspective can help make everything more clear. congrats on the solid rides!

  5. I had that same realization too when I went from "I want to do this for real" instead of "I want to talk about doing this." It's a lot more hard work than I thought, but so rewarding. Although, now I need to work EVEN HARDER if I want to WIN instead of just compete. Ah, never ending!

  6. Long drives are good for for brain function.

  7. Hard work is definitely the secret to success in this sport as in most things. You can totally do it and Elle is quite capable to help you get there!