Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Different Type of Ride

I'd been MIA over the past few days because I was busy flying to Vegas to surprise my Mom before she and my Aunt Linda took off on a week long bike trip through Death Valley. They are some hard core ladies I'll tell you what.

I zoomed over on Sunday early evening and after some frantic baggage claim texting Aunt Linda and I realized we were in different terminals and decided to meet at the hotel. More frantic texting. When the surprise finally happened it was pretty epic! The door opened, Aunt Linda screamed, and Mom looked a little confused for a few minutes before finally realizing what was going on. We had a fun time recapping the planning and so glad we pulled it off! Big props to Aunt Linda for keeping her cool.

Over to the strip for a yummy dinner at Caesars's Palace and to watch the volcano at the Mirage. Mom had never been to Vegas before so we had a great time exploring! Monday we did MORE exploring- taking the tram from spot to spot and I showed them that the Convention Center was not glam. At all.
Back at the hotel for a bike fitting, beers in the casino, and then on a plane home!

What a fun, special trip!
Resting our tooties between destinations!

Mom poses in front of the Statue of Liberty!

At the Chandelier Room in the Cosmopolitan 

Fitting some bikes! Zoom!

So much fun!