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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Carrot Depot

Reminder to self- must not feel guilty about visiting one horse and not the other. The effort of visiting two horses after work (even leaving at 4!!!) results in 2 hours of driving time and 15 minutes per horse visiting time. That's just enough to discern that both are alive, seem relatively pleased, and consume a few carrots.

Despite the cruise, snuggling their sweet faces is still the perfect way to end the day! I like that in both of these photos they're just basically saying "hey lady, where are my carrots?"


  1. I was in this situation once, sucky huh!

  2. At least you know you're good for something <3 haha

  3. I'm sure they love the attention and munchies!

  4. They both look healthy and happy! I hardly ever get to see both of mine on the same day.