Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Who is the Favorite?

I really appreciate all of the thoughtful comments on yesterday's post. I didn't actually read any until just now- it was one of those entries that you fling up, add a photo, delete a photo in disgust, and never want to acknowledge that you wrote.

But the kind words and thoughtful advice did sink in and I came to a realization. Wait for it......

I am actually Ellie's most favorite person! I give her treats, take her out to graze, let her lick my arms before I put her bridle on. But best of all? When she cops an attitude to get out of work I usually end up giving in. She has got my number on a silver platter.

It was helpful to hear how others had been through similar situations with their mares (and geldings!) and have ended up just fine!

Onwards and upwards!