Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Many Ears of Ellie

Wilbur threw a shoe sometime between last Monday and Sunday. With our first real rainy day of the season I scooted out of the office during a (lucky) break in the rain to meet the farrier for a new shoe! Wilbur spends every moment outside of the pasture snorting like a freight train. I was just like, "Here. have a treat and be quiet." He likes to flop his tongue around after a snack so it helps keep him distracted.
Rather than drive all over the planet (i.e. back to the office then back to the barn), I just stopped by KMT and did my requisite ride on El Camino. She was less snarky than last night but I'm not ruling out the fact that Emma remained directly in her line of sight the entire ride while schooling another horse in the same arena. It is a known fact that Ellie loves Emma.

We worked on our "happy ears" in the crossties.