Sunday, November 16, 2014

Used Tack Sale Blog Reader Run In!

I had forgotten that there was going to be a used tack sale going on Saturday at Brown Ranch so it was a lucky coincidence that Wilbur was the first stop of the day so I popped in when the gettin' was good!

A gal running the sale was super helpful in answering my questions (how exactly do you USE that mane puller?) and through some idle chit chat realized that she was the winner of the Ariat polo from my 31x31 contest! Based on her shipping address I knew that my winner lived in the Bay but talk about a small world!
It was awesome to meet a reader of the blog!!!

I picked up some pillow/ standing wraps for Wilbur- good to have on hand just in case! I also have a thing for mint condition baby pads. An odd thing to collect, and I rarely ever use them, but they're just so soft. A Hunter Green Beval for $5? Yes please!

Best of all 100% of the proceeds go to Horses Healing Hearts, a nonprofit rescue located right at Brown Ranch!

All the goodies!

Wilbur and Disel check out the action from afar

Love finding great deals!


  1. oh good tack finds are always the best....!

  2. cute pics! and i can never resist good deals lol

  3. I missed it, Wilbur is at Brown?? I kept Pongo there for a little bit. Michelle is just so so so nice and really helped me re-start him after his injury after a 4 year old. We all gotta get together again in the new year, Corey and I were just talking about how fun that night at Claires was a few months ago.