Thursday, December 18, 2014

Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange

My blogger gift was waiting for me when I got home on Wednesday night but as it was late and I had no wine I decided to carry on with the suspense until I could open with proper fanfare.

Blogger bud- Carly from Poor Woman Showing- must have known that I had worn holes in every single pair of riding socks at this point and I got 8- yes 8- new pairs. Zebras, Elephants, Argyle, Neon. I'm going to be the hippest girl at the barn- but more importantly- sans blisters!

We can't forget about the ponies of course- each got their own (labeled- which I thought was adorable) bag of peppermints. Perfect timing because Ellie keeps trying to sneak candy canes off the wreaths decorating the barn!

I am always in need of Chocolate in my life- but really this Hershey filled cane should read "Paul" instead of "Emily." Paul has this habit of eating one sweet treat a day until I finally go to indulge and find only crumbs. One spoonful of ice cream, one tiny slice of pie.....and one Hershey Kiss. Every day until they're gone.
We can't fault him- it's just his way.
So basically. I'm hiding these.

Finally the cats. How in the world did Carly know the perfect gift for cats? They are going to get so much enjoyment out of this box!

Thank you Carly (Poor Woman Showing)!!! You are awesome and hilarious!

And of course thanks to Tracy at Fly On Over for hosting the Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange!


  1. Wow, how thoughtful of Carly to consider your cats :)

  2. I love that zebra pair!

  3. You and I are long-lost sisters! I love, love socks <3 Also, it's awesome that the ponies got their own LABELED bag of treats!! Carly is

  4. Paul has way more willpower then me I gorge in one sitting until its gone.

  5. Paul and I should be friend! I love to have some little sweet every day too... hubby would eat the whole sweet item where I will make it last and last :) lol

    What a great box- something for everyone!

  6. Ha ha, I'm so glad the cats enjoyed the most thought out present of them all!

  7. so cute - and a little bit of everything for everyone! that cat pic is too much lol

  8. OMG will you ship me the cat in the box? so cute!