Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Unnecessary Vet Visits

It occurred to me as I was driving out to visit Wilbur on Saturday morning that if anything had happened to him during the stormy past few days that I wasn't in a great position. Leaving for Vegas in a few hours and being gone for five days does not a self-care situation make.

Sure enough he had a lump the size of Europe on his right haunch and in the slick mud it looked like he had literally dislocated a hip. A quick video/ photo text to the vet and it looked like he would be fine to wait it out until Monday when Natasha could stop out and visit.

Fast forward to Saturday evening, having dinner with my friend, Kasey, in Vegas who happens to have three horses at her farm. "Oh- a hematoma- it'll likely be gone by Monday," she said. "What's a hematoma?" I ask. A bruise. I am an idiot.

Sure enough he was sound with just a sensitive little spot where the monstrous lump previously resided.

I was not worried about the vet bill- I just don't want to turn into the "girl who cried wolf." Clearly I will be keeping Kasey on speed dial from now on.


  1. Awh, hope he feels better soon! :) He's such a cutie.

  2. poor guy! hematomas make me nervous too - esp if they need to be lanced... ew lol

  3. I would do the exact same thing if I was far away and out of town.

  4. Oh, I'm totally the girl who cried wolf... but it makes it slightly better that I pay my bills on time, right?