Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Two Horse Night

Tonight was a two horse evening.

Ellie would have been slightly hilarious if she wasn't so crabby. Brook had set trot/ canter poles all over the ring and every time we steered towards a set both Ellie's ears and trot perked up. Around the corners? Not so much. Try slow motion posting.

Not quite willing to dig into her too much until we have her on the gastro stuff. Then- game on lady.

A quick stop out to Brown Ranch- Sunny and Wilbur are getting shoes tomorrow and I needed to leave a check for the farrier. I did not even attempt to visit Wilbur. That place was pitch black with a few folks wandering around in headlamps.
Saving that adventure for another day!

Sunny stops over for a visit!


  1. sounds like she liked the trot poles! also - the plaid looks great with her dapples :)

  2. Ellie always looks so adorable in photos it's hard to imagine her crabby :)

    1. I know right? I am going to have to get some video or something!

  3. Ellie is a good looking girl. Love her big, solid feet.

  4. You'll be a regular coal miners daughter with a headlamp!