Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sunsets and Grass

Mom & Me time was spend grazing tonight before onwards to the gym. We've been having a lot of rain in the Bay (much needed!) but the weather has not been motivating me to get up and to the gym in the mornings.

I am supposed to be riding Ellie every evening to try and connect under saddle but something just doesn't feel quite right. Her crankiness is carrying beyond my rides and into training rides as well. She's totally sound and doesn't seem to have any soreness.

It must be ulcers.

But seriously- it may be ulcers so we're going to start her on some type of Gastro-guard offshoot and worst case have her scoped to see what's going on in there. My gut (haha) is telling me that we simply haven't found the right combination of mare medicine and tummy medicine. And maybe saddle fit. Sigh.

It's funny. One horse has a go button but refuses to jump anything. The other will jump the moon but doesn't want to go.

I wonder what a Wilbur- Ellie hybrid would look like? Probably a horse that won't go OR jump but would be extremely nice to look at!
Expensive Lawn Mower


  1. So frustrating :( Simon has been super cranky too and will be getting ulcer treatment in Jan if it makes you feel any better. Misery loves company!

  2. Lol a wilber ellie cross!! To bad that can't happen haha!

    Heres to figuring out what is going on with her :)

  3. Awh, it's so frustrating to deal with that stuff. I hope you figure out everything soon!! Ulcers are no fun!

  4. I'm sorry if you've posted about this already and I just haven't seen it, but what's she on for Mare Medicine? The right combo of that made allllllll the difference in my mare.

  5. the hybrid idea made me chuckle bc it'd be just my luck to get the worst qualities from both lol. re: ulcers - hope the treatment works! we just finished a two week ga$trogard treatment on my mare today and will be starting her on regular supplements... so far so good!