Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Velvet Willow and the Florabella Action Sets

I ran across a blog quite awhile ago- Velvet Willow- that had such a compelling story and beautiful photography. The owner of this blog also produces a series of Photoshop actions that are just amazing. While I currently edit with Radlab (which I LOVE and is SO easy to use) I couldn't help but follow along on the Florabella facebook page and admire the gorgeous images on the website. Plus she's one of us "horse gals."

So for my Black Friday purchase I treated myself to the Muse + Color & Light bundle. I always like to include an image in my posts and I try use personal photography- even if it's a quick, unedited iPhone snap.

I'm excited to dust of my Canon and start playing around!
Photo by Florabella


  1. nice! will be excited to see your pics! and that blog *is* compelling - very sad story about her fresian...

  2. Wonderful link - thanks for sharing! :)