Thursday, March 12, 2015

I Smiled All Day

I realized after my last post that I hadn't provided much context outside of the fact that I was SUPER nervous about jumping.

While I don't keep a daily training journal here I did look back through some old posts and realized I actually haven't jumped Ellie since somewhere around mid-October. Why? A number of reasons really- work and work travel playing a huge role in the amount of saddle time I was getting. But beyond that we were going to battle in our flatwork on every ride. As we all know, with great flat comes great jumping. So it seemed a little counter intuitive to carry on over fences when we couldn't produce a nice collected trot or a flowing medium canter.

Since I've been home for now the third week straight I've been busy riding five times a week and noticing a huge difference in the strength of my leg. Having three private lessons a week certainly hasn't hurt us either and we've been able to achieve a lovely, collected trot. Cantering....well? It tends to be either bucking while she is trying to break to a trot or galloping at this point. She has my number in this gait but today when she bucked in order to break I spurred her on, rode like a cowgirl, and laughed about it. I take progress where I can get it.

Oh yes- and we jumped. Not a full course but 2'6" nonetheless. Actually just one trot fence (orange) and came around to the black at a canter. She was perfect and I felt great. So we called it quits there. And guess what? I'm excited to jump on Saturday!

I have been so enjoying my lessons, the progress we're making, and feeling accomplished!
Emma and Brook say they're 2'6" and I'm going to take them at their word here


  1. yay!!! congrats - glad you had a great time and that she felt so good!

  2. That's awesome. Such a great feeling to look forward to lessons :)

  3. Aw, somehow I missed this, and I'm sorry I did! What a great update! :)