Monday, May 11, 2015

Jumpy Jump Jump

We did a little jump around in our Saturday lesson. We've been joining the 12:30, which I've been a bit resistant to doing because I end up doing horse stuff for the better part of the day, but I'm finding it to feel very low pressure and this Saturday there were four folks (myself included) riding. One of those is my adult ammy friend, another Emily, whom I adore- it's fun to have friends in lessons!

After warming up over a small vertical and jumping through a grid a few times, I coerced Brook to put the grid up a few holes and we caught a bending line out, to a single vertical, to a line. Ellie's flatwork has been feeling really great but have been hearing that she's rushing a bit to the fences. I felt a little rush to the single vertical and the outside line (jumping into an oxer as the first fence) but sat and waited for the shorter spot.

She just gets excited. The few times that we've jumped "up" she's been very quiet and the smaller fences are starting to bore her (keeping in mind that of course I want a finished horse that is quiet to a fence at any height). We need to start jumping a little higher together. I feel as though I have a much better focus when I have something to ride at, rather than stare down at the fence.
I know, I know- ride the pace and track. I think that we end up in a vicious circle at the 2'-2'3" height of not seeing a distance, getting nervous, chasing or holding, panicking, and then we're back to square one again.

But there is hope for the two of us yet- which is exciting! Now to keep that positive momentum moving forward!
Jump all the things! Lick all the things!


  1. i know exactly what you mean about the vicious cycle at 2'-2'3" -- it was certainly frustrating me until i realized that we didn't have to be perfect every time, we just needed to know how to be effective/safe. exciting that Ellie's doing so well!

  2. I know that 2-2'3" cycle well. You'll get past it!

  3. Miles is totally over 2'. Not that he is misbehaved or anything, but you can tell he gets bored. It's great that you two are able to progress up the heights together and that you're both feeling confident about jumping higher!!

  4. hahaha love the picture! Licky lick lick