Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Lesson

Sundays work a little differently at Westhaven Farm. Riders who wish to lesson sign up for 15min blocks of time, warm up prior to the lesson, and then Diane jumps you around.
A few friends have raised their eyebrows about the short time, but it actually feels like the perfect amount of coaching with the one on one attention.
Efficient and to the point.

Ellie came out bright and ready to work today, the tranter step had diminished substantially. We trotted a crossrail back and forth, a brush box a few times, and trotted into a line. Then Diane made the crossrail a vertical and the "in" fence to the line a vertical and we cantered the four fence "course" twice. Ellie was brave and I felt confident.

After our lesson I watched one of the only juniors, Marika, jump around and then she and I headed out for a short trail ride which took us across some of the rolling fields on the property.

A lovely Sunday at the barn!


  1. That's interesting... Out of curiosity are the timing changes reflected in your lesson price?

    Glad you had a good weekend

    1. We have a flat training fee that covers all lessons, training rides, turnout, eurosizer, blanketing, etc

  2. I think that's kind of an awesome concept!

  3. I like that concept. Short and to the point!

  4. interesting format! one of my trainers typically only coaches us through the jumping, except occasionally if he notices something amiss during our warm up he'll drill into the flat work a little bit. and i actually really appreciate that, since i can almost always see a difference in the jumping

  5. I actually really like that concept. I think 15 minutes of straight jumping is actually a really long time, and if done correctly you can get just as much out of 15 minutes of straight instruction as you can out of an hour group lesson. Cool.