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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wilbur's Training Log

And so begins Wilbur's training sessions with Amanda twice weekly with sign off from his vet.

From what I know about Amanda, she's been at Brown Ranch for 4+ years and if she had to pick one Western discipline to focus on it would be ranching. I was struck by how down to earth, yet professional she was. While I described the ideal, bomb proof QH I was looking for, she nodded and said she'd pony him up and let him snort at the cattle. Um- yes please!

I had mentioned early on in the conversation that he was fairly green and we all had a good laugh by our differing interpretations of green. To Amanda, a green horse means that it has been ridden once or twice. To me, well, he's been to a few shows but is still finishing up his flying lead changes.

She'll be riding him once a week and working on ground work for the second session. I'm looking forward to hearing her feedback and for Wilbur to find his niche!
Best Buds goofing around