Thursday, May 21, 2015

Location, Location, Location (and Wilbur Update)

The new barn is unfortunately not closer to the house. Or work. Despite the ugly attempt to get out there on Tuesday night there is one major upside. It's down the street from Wilbur's barn which takes away the weekend indecisiveness of when to visit and the added time involved. Now even though the drive is a bit longer I can kill two birds with one stone.

Wilbur is in week three of his training program. The feedback from Amanda was very positive- "He's been great by the way!  He is a little nervous and jumpy, but very sensitive and respectful on the ground- he knows his manners and is nice to lunge.  I got on him and he rode like he's never had time off.  He's a little stiff on the front right on tight turns, no limp, just kind of awkward.  He's a nice boy, super willing and has a good foundation. I'm super pleased and enjoy working with him."

Couldn't have asked for a better report card!