Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ellie Don't Care

I was going through video from Sunday's lessons, deciding what to share, and noticed two things.

1. Ali often reminds me not to cluck without purpose. There was one course where I literally clucked every single stride. My equivalent of a nervous tick.

2. I landed on this video because I find it equal parts hilarious and heartwarming. To set the scene, I had just come around to that swedish oxer, decided it looked too big, and cantered right past it. Ali doesn't get mad, just makes a disappointed face that guilts me right over the fence.
Throughout most of the course I tend to hear instruction as a buzzing in my ear....concentration I say! Which is what's so fun about going through and watching the video afterwards! You've got my friend Emily shouting words of encouragement and Ali giving instruction mixed with gems like "Ellie don't care" and "Girlfriend."
I love it!


  1. ha i love it!! my mare don't care either lol

  2. Having friends cheer you from the sidelines makes ALL the difference in the world :D

  3. Ah, I love a good guilt trip from a trainer! You guys looked great.