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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

For Sale

I'm decided. Wilbur will be listed for sale with a lease option.

When I tell this to my horsey friends I get a sympathetic pat on the arm and a look that says, "it's time."
Non-horse friends have asked the same question- "isn't selling your horse like selling a pet, like a member of your family?" Yes and no. Horses are not a commodity purchase- they're meant to do a job and when they can't do that job their value then has to be taken into consideration. Wilbur is costing me about the same as raising a whole kennel of pet dogs.....dogs that I don't have time to walk so I pay someone else to do it.

Would it be different if he was at the same barn as Ellie? Would it be different if I made just a little more money? Would it be different if there were 5 additional hours in the day? Maybe.

But I think he can have more of a purpose to his life than he has with me right now. I could see him being a great husband horse, going out on the trails. I could see him as a fun project for a younger rider. Heck, I could see him enjoying life as a lesson horse.

I would love to find a lease option. Something to ease the financial burden while still allowing him to remain under my watch. But I'm also happy to find him a new owner and a new job, knowing that he has that "forever" home with me should he need it.

At the end of the day I think I've done right by him. He's had two years of R&R living the pasture life,  been in a training program for four months getting back into shape and assessing his soundness (and of course full disclosure to any potential buyer),  and I think it's time we found a good home for him.

Refer me back to this post when the bill of sale is signed please.


  1. The hard decisions are rarely the easiest ones to make. This sounds very reasonable and great for Wilbur too regardless of whether the lease or own option pans out.

  2. Such a hard choice to make, but I know you will do right by Wilbur no matter where he ends up! <3

  3. That's a tough choice to make but it sounds like hell only go to good hands!

  4. It's always a tough decision, but the mark of a great horse owner is knowing when it's time to move on. <3

  5. You have definitely done right by him. He's a lucky horse to have you as an owner, and you're looking out for his best interest even with an intent to sell!

  6. You have done right by Wilbur for sure. Sounds like this is the smart choice for both of you :)

  7. good luck finding the right home!!

  8. The right situation will come along. Tough decision, but sounds like the right one.

  9. So sad, but I understand your choice. Hopefully you can find a good home for him. I'd love to sell my gelding as he too would like to have a job and a more interesting life, but I worry so much about what would happen to him down the line. But Wilbur is much younger and sounder so it makes even more sense to let him find a new life.