Thursday, August 13, 2015

I've got the Overtime Blues and Wilbur has New Shoes

What. A. Week. I've had two different coworkers mention that I don't appear to be quite myself. That theory was not negated when I found myself wandering aimlessly around the marketing area clutching my furry blanket and a can of coke this afternoon (the blanket was a sample that I have on my person all the time since the air vents have been fixed and I was up wandering because IT was at my desk working on my computer.....which apparently has a virus).

I was walking out the door ready to head to the gym when I realized that I didn't have my phone. A furious search ensued that had me all but convinced that my mind really was lost. When I had finally exhausted all of my resources including (but not exclusive to) speaking to the facilities cleaner, asking a coworker to email my IT friend to see if he had swiped the phone, and finally *dejectedly* telling the remaining IT staff of one that I had lost my phone somewhere in the building.....eureka! Use your lost Iphone app dum dum. So I marched back to my desk to do just that that when there it was. My phone. Sitting on a stack of papers.
No- I did not leave it there. It turns out my IT coworker DID accidentally grab it by mistake. Haha.

To switch gears......I received a call from the barn manager at Brown Ranch while I was at Menlo on Saturday. A border had called and said that Wilbur was dead lame in pasture and he looked like he was in a lot of pain. Turns out- the farrier was out that day- and per my instructions had pulled his front shoes. Now I will just say that I pulled his back ones and sent him up North without a second thought. My plan was the same here- he has good feet- he'll get over it- please give him some bute.
Totally different to see him in person and Sunday morning I made the quick decision to pull him into a stall and have the shoes put back on. If nothing else- I just needed to sleep on Sunday and I was too worried about him being harassed by the herd or tripping.

Barefoot has a lot of believers and non-believers. Wilbs has been barefoot for most of his life, grows hoof really fast, and Brown is not the type of place to find a 6 week shoer. We'll call it an experiment gone awry. I did have a chance to meet Alex, the farrier, and we do have a plan to keep him on a shorter cycle which is helpful.
Poor Wilbur peering at us from his home for a few days!


  1. hang in there - hopefully you can catch up on your rest soon!! also glad wilbur's feet are feeling better

  2. rest up! hope Wilbur's feet feel better, too!

  3. Sorry you're having an off week. I know the feeling! Hopefully you can reset over the weekend :)

  4. I feel your pain, well technically Pongo felt it when I made that same decision for him a couple months ago!