Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 Theme: Mindfulness

I'm staying away from flat out goals this year and instead going with the overarching theme of "Mindfulness."

2015 was a fun but busy year!!!! Looking ahead to 2016 I want to take time in each day to be a little more personally organized, spend time relaxing at the end of the day with a book or project, think about the people in my life and reach out regularly, and focus on living a healthy lifestyle.

I started by revamping my office space- making it a place I look forward to decompressing in. My furniture is a hodgepodge from various homes, and while it may not be the most optimal for working, it'll do for now. More importantly I made sure to use my Target cubes to visually display my focuses for the year- books on riding that I keep meaning to read, my Canon (with charged battery) that had been regulated to my closet for the past year is on the shelf and ready for an adventure, my WW mags and workbooks to remind and inspire!

Riding-wise? Just to have fun and enjoy spending time with my sweet horses and the victories that come with working hard every ride. Perfect Practice might just be the riding theme.

Looking forward to a fabulous 2016!


  1. I think that's an awesome overall goal and sounds like a nice way to end the day. :)

  2. Organization is the name of the game for my house rn!

  3. Love your mindfulness over goals. I'm a bit burned out on goals myself.

  4. Mindfulness is a good theme for the year!