Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Dover Haul

I have promised a number of friends to accompany them to Dover after the Holidays to shop using the gift cards I strategically requested for Christmas.

Unfortunately I truly do not need anything at the moment as I went a little off the rails during my last trip. List in hand- two gift cards, baby pads (for an embroidery project), and a trunk cover (not expecting to find this but didn't want to shell out for the barn cover and needed some sort of cover for rainy season).

I got my gifts, baby pads, and cover (a lovey navy with gray and burgundy trim for a cool $84 awesomeness that played fort to Linus in the below shot).

Oh! Navy Eskadron Boots! Sometimes I just want to Velcro! And Ogilvy baby pad...I've been eyeing those for a while now! Tack Sponges- who can have enough? A total impulse grab Navy Vest on the way to the register.

Dover learning: Best practice just to buy items as you desire them- otherwise you end up standing at the register telling the clerk "perhaps don't tell me the total."


  1. I go with my husband and he stops me from buying all the things. I did manage to get a new crop and ear bonnet though.

  2. ha your cat is adorable! also yea... unplanned trips to dover always end the same way for me lol

  3. Unless I'm prepared to drop the extra money I avoid tack stores like the plague. There's always something extra that I need or a good deal to find. Struggle!