Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wilbur's Stitches Come Out + Update

Oh Wilbur. Where to start? 

Just prior to slicing his face open we had a young rodeo queen who was looking to use him in parades. We scheduled a vet check and I showed up bright and early to make sure he was looking sharp. I really wasn't sure to expect as we hadn't done any diagnostic work on him since the MRI- just vets trotting him on hard ground and saying he looked sound. Who knew what would show up?

A Western vet check is a little more low key- listened to vitals, flexed, lunged on soft ground. OMG he was great. I was actually really concerned that he would hobble off after flexions. Nope- he was totally sound. The vet said if his hocks were any better she'd think he was drugged (BTW we postponed the vet until after his round of stitches Bute). 

The potential buyers ended up passing on him which I was glad for. Listening to the gal describe the parade she took her other horse in, with bells and tinsel and glow sticks, left me wondering if Wilbur was the best fit. While they were looking for a project I just don't think he can stretch that far. 

There has been some additional interest and we have a promising lead. 

Of course the successful vet check has me daydreaming about bringing him over to Ellie's barn and just keeping both of them....for just a little bit! 
Stitches Out!


  1. Creatures! I hope that a good person comes along for him! And if not keep enjoying him!

  2. I hope his right person comes along soon.

  3. I love his sweet face! Hope his perfect person comes soon.

  4. aw glad to hear he's doing so well - good luck with the potential buyers!

  5. He's adorable! The right person will show up :)