Thursday, January 28, 2016

SLHS (Skinny Like a Hawaiian Surfer): Update

Hoarding my barn updates since it looks like it'll be another week before I make it out there again. Instead I thought I'd share an update on our "Skinny Like a Hawaiian Surfer" Project and the fun new toy to keep us motivated.

When we kicked this off after our vacation in October I had immediately begun making a myriad of veggie pastas using my zucchini twirler and spaghetti squash and we buckled down. I actually lost around 12lb before we hit the Holidays. Coming home from Christmas I was dreading the scale but incredibly pleased to see that I while I didn't lose, I didn't gain either.

On the flight back from Ohio Paul ordered us a new blender- green smoothies for everyone! Then with all the travel, I demanded that he didn't touch it until I was home for a few days to enjoy. I love the smoothies that we're making with mango, frozen grapes, and spinach! To add some extra motivation (since I haven't bothered to figure out how to use it) Paul will make me a smoothie before work as long as I get up, go to the gym, and bring home coffee for him (and me).

Ahh- sweet reward!

Any favorite recipes out there?


  1. I have an AWESOME green smoothie recipe. I prep the ingredients on Sunday and it's so quick in the am.

    Forgive my rough measurements:
    - handful frozen pineapple
    - quarter of avocado (i cut into chunks and freeze)
    - small piece of ginger (I also cut into 1-2" pieces and freeze)
    - 3-4 mint leaves (freeze so it doesn't go bad)
    - lemon juice (couple tbsps)
    - scoop of protein powder (I use blue bonnet no flavor)
    - two handfuls of diced green apple
    - two big handfuls spinach
    - water as needed

    Super refreshing! I dice the apples and avocados on Sunday, freeze what is needed, and it takes 2 mins in the am

  2. Measurements not exact:

    - 1 1/2 C blueberries
    (I also use cherries, peaches or blackberries that I freeze in the summer when they're cheap and plentiful)
    - 1 banana
    - handful of kale (tuscan) ribs removed if necessary
    - splash of pomegranate juice
    - 3/4 C coconut water (more if needed)
    - 1/2 C greek yogurt (Greek Gods black cherry is delish)

  3. I am horrible with exact mesaurements but here goes nothing:

    1 banana
    handful of frozen kale
    handful of strawberries
    handful of blue berries
    peanut butter powder
    flax seed
    soy milk
    splash of apple juice

    1. I haven't heard of peanut butter powder- I'll have to try it!