Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Home Imrovement

Since I haven't seen the horses in over a week I don't have much to post in the way of riding. BUT we did take care of one home improvement project that has actually made a pretty substantial difference to our living room. Who am I kidding- I was upstairs napping while Paul did all the work.

The previous owners had some type of stair rail up that I believe was actually meant for outside. We refreshed the paint when we moved in but it just wasn't adding anything to the room. When we took it down the whole space opened up and feels much more modern.


  1. Looks nice! But be aware if you sell the house, you may have to put a railing up for it to be up to code - often it's a safety thing! :)

    1. How interesting! I had no idea! Should that ever come to pass I'm sure we can find a more attractive railing! :)

  2. looks like the kitty approves ;)

  3. Yeah you'll probably need to put a rail up for code but I think it looks much better!

  4. Very nice. Love the open look.