Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Little Buck & A Little Rear- The Injections Took!

Wilburman was discharged today and I just got a text from Marlene that they made it home safely. He and Lulu were swooning together but poor Marlene thinks she has food poisoning- she said the drive home was torture. Ummm a three hour drive pulling a horse with food poisoning sounds beyond horrific.

I felt a bit like a loon but drove up anyway this morning to arrive when Pioneer opened to give Wilbur some cuddling, leave his treats, and review the invoice and discharge papers. Despite the long drive and quick turnaround I was happy I stopped out. Natasha and I had the chance to jog him and behold- the higher dose freaking injections worked! Mostly. He looks to be serviceably sound with slight limp on the right fore. Let's not freak out- no false hopes. We don't have a hunter on our hands here.
But it's good to know that with the right maintenance that he could be a trail horse.

Now we wait. And visit once a month, throw him on a longe line, and see how long the injections hold for. Paul and I are going to make a little trip out of it- I'll need him to help video the progress. Crossing our fingers for six months!

Either way- he threw a few bucks and a tiny rear into his jog so I know he's feeling better now! And that's awesome!


  1. Awww sounds like he's feeling much better! :)

  2. Yay that he is feeling better!! :)

    Heres to a good outcome from the injections!