Monday, December 9, 2013

Ho Ho Ho: My Blogger Gift is Ready to Go!

Tracy over at Fly on Over is basically a genius and set up a Blogger Gift Exchange. What better way to take one's mind off of Wilbur? Shopping horse goodies for a new blogger friend!
I may look like an overachiever here because my gift is ready to go in the mail- but I'm actually leaving for three weeks on Saturday on work/ holiday trips. If it doesn't go out now, it's not going to.

As a disclaimer for whoever happened to get me.....I majorly misread Tracy's directions and included gift ideas I was going to get for my chosen blogger. I thought she was vetting us or something to make sure we really could come up with ideas for $20 bucks.
Do not get me that Ariat polo- I do not need more polos. Repeat, I do not need more polos!

I'll just add- staying within that price limit is tough apples. If it has a horse decal on it the price goes up exponentially. Personally, I had such a fun time being creative and gifting something that had a little story behind it.


  1. Bahhaaha. Someone is so getting you a polo! I'm going out to lunch to shop for my blogger friend now :)

  2. We should be friends.. my gift was ordered yesterday and shipped out today :)

    Yeah staying at $20 didn't happen ha! I was close tho! :)

  3. I know $20 is small, I just didn't want to exclude anyone if their budget was a little tight this year!!

    And yeah... you are ahead of the game and making me look bad! Shame on you, haha <3

    1. I thought it was the perfect amount! Anything more and -you're right- it would make people think twice! I think it just makes for creativity!