Monday, December 2, 2013

Horse = Porsche

Paul and I took a cruise in my brother-in-law's Porsche while we were visiting for Thanksgiving.
The highlight of Paul's life
When we got home I lamented to Paul that suddenly my Honda Civic didn't seem quite so glamourous. With a deep sigh (and slight roll of his eyes) he dutifully reminded me that I actually drive two sports cars. And they both poop. 
Polly can be the Porsche and Wilbur can be the Mercedes

Although neither of them are actually very fast and have poor pickup


  1. I'd take the "Mercedes and Porsche" over the real car any day, after all, the cars can't love you back or whinny!

  2. LOL I love your hubbys logic ;)

  3. LOL ain't that the truth! I'm not allowed to get another horse until my husband can get a Tesla :)