Monday, December 23, 2013

Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange!

My husband texted me a photo of my Gift Exchange present while I was in Vegas and I could not wait to get home to open it! The Blogger Gift Exchange, hosted by the wonderful Tracy at Fly On Over, has been one of the highlights of the month!
I was so excited to find out that my Blog Gifter was none other than Karley of All In! I love reading about her horsey life between Henry and the new Grayson. Since she's local I'm going to need to plan a visit to thank her in person!
In my package I got a beautiful equestrian photo frame- just right for my desk at work. Now I  need to pick a favorite photo of Wilbur! A package of Cantering Chef horse cookies were included as well which is perfect- I'm always looking for new treats to add to the mix and they looked good enough to eat!
Karley- THANK YOU so much for your thoughtfulness!


  1. Lovely frame, was oogling it myself :P

  2. Yay glad you got it and like it :)

    We DEF have to make time to meet up :)

  3. Woohoo! Beautiful frame. I'm loving reading about everyone's gifts from the exchange!!

  4. Sweet gift! Can't wait to get home and open mine.