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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Black Friday Mayhem

I thought I was being an incredibly responsible horse Holiday shopper this year. I had created my Smartpak shopping cart and was waiting for their Holiday promotion to place my order.
It was full of things I ACTUALLY needed for once including:

Turns out that in order to receive the 10% discount promo code I needed to spend $150+. I was a little bit annoyed because I find most solid brands are excluded from sales but ended up being pleasantly surprised that the Back on Track Quick Wraps that I had been coveting were included in the discount. 
They've gotten great reviews on Smartpak (a slave to the reviews) and since we already know that I am a total failure at wrapping anything.....
I got them! And feeling totally un-guilty since I would have ordered them anyway when Wilbur came home- this is just an advanced purchase at a discount! So ha! 

Clearly slightly guilty. Don't worry- it gets worse. 

I am a fan of the Back on Track product line for no other reason that the concept makes sense to me. Employing thermal therapy (using the subject as a heat source) as a way to bring down inflammation and loosen muscles seems like an added bonus to the average standing wraps. 

Imagine my excitement on Black Friday when I saw what was on Tack of the Day (a daily discount site for horse lovers)! While my sister-in-law shopped for deals on Express.com- I happily added to my BOT collection- purchasing the polo wraps, no bow wraps, and saddle pad.
WTF. How did a totally frugal Black Friday turn into a massive shopping spree? And what is going to happen tomorrow? I also love that I no longer even scan my JCrew or Madewell emails- it's all about Dover, Smartpak, Farmhouse (15% off all breeches)!


  1. I ordered my BFF and her mom hock boots and bell boots lol... Hope they love them!! Love tack of the day!!

    1. Yeah! I'm glad that I'm not the only BOT lover!

  2. The 20% BOT sale also really tempted me but I stayed strong because I am poor. :)

    1. It was rough! Good for you staying strong! I am now poor as well.