Tuesday, September 1, 2015

31x31 Challenge- Recap

On the eve of my birthday I have to take a moment and acknowledge that the 31x31 challenge I had set for myself last year was a bit of a tragic failure. Rather than admit total defeat I'm going to carry this into my 32nd year and keep on learning!

In retrospect, 31 was a busy and great year for me. My responsibilities expanded at work, Wilbur came home in November, Ellie had a major barn move, and as a birthday gift last year Paul had gotten me an 8 week cycle at my current gym (which I proud to say I have carried on with for the past year).

Looking forward to seeing what 32 holds!

The 31x31 List
1. Body Clip
2. Give IM & IV Shots
3. Pull a Mane
4. Polo Wrap
5. Set a course (including gymnastic differences to trot poles, bounce, 1 stride)
6. Clean a stall
7. Sweat Wrap
8. Poultice
9. Braid- Mane and Tail
10. Name and find all tendons, ligaments, bones in the lower leg
11. Emergency response: choking, colic, etc- signs and treatment
12. Administer Bute, Banamine, Ace- circumstance and dosage
13. Hook up, drive, and back up a trailer
14. Pull a sprung shoe
15. Check vital signs- temperature, respiratory, pulse
16. Palpate major soft tissue structures in the leg
17. Clean a water trough
18. Tie a quick release knot and learn to ground tie
19. Pack and wrap feet
20. Learn identifiers of body condition scoring
21. Clean sheath/ teats
22. Basics of saddle fitting
23. Nutrition- what Ellie eats and why along with setting up grain for the barn
24. Properly fit a bridle
25. Groom at a show
26. Make up a basic first aid kit and understand basic shoeing tools
27. Learn anatomy of a horse and basic conformation
28. How to twitch- when to use and basic methods
29. Rasp a hoof
30. De-worm
31. Learn basic massage and stretch techniques


  1. Happy almost bday! :D

    You were able to tick a few important things off your list, I say you add a few more and challenge yourself to a 32 x 32 :)

  2. Yay for crossing some things off!

  3. i was just thinking about this list the other day - such a great idea and i'm glad you're rolling it over into next year too!! there's quite a few things on that list i want to try too!

  4. Happy birthday!! That's a great list- I'm sure you'll cross some things off this year!

  5. Happy Birthday! Great list. I had a 'things to do before 40' list... I lost it.

  6. If the 1st is the eve of your birthday then I think we share a birthday. Happy Birthday. Keep working on the list. They're valuable skills/experiences even if you didn't get to them by today.

  7. Happy Birthday!! What a great idea!

  8. Love the list idea! Great to see some crossed off and enjoy the learning!