Monday, September 7, 2015

Horse Show Prep: Packing the Trunk

More like unpacking the contents of a trunk into a blue Ikea tarp bag, that holds basically the entire world, and realizing how much Back on Track stuff you own (due to an unfortunate Black Friday deal) but actually never use. This Ikea bag goes to live in your basement for about a week until it can go back to it's rightful coffin.

Then you shift some items from the other trunk to this newly emptied version, all the while wondering what exactly you are forgetting.

So without further adieu.... the contents of my show trunk:

* two schooling pads
* half pad
* show fitted pad
* two girths (sheepskin and leather)
* martingale
* bridle
* Waterford Dee, Plain Dee, Sparkle Bit (just in case)
* hairnets
* shoe polish
* boot pulls and jelly band (for breaking in new boots)
* helmet
* gloves
* bat
* basic grooming tools (curry, medium brush, tail brush, hoofpick, rag) + flyspray, Vetrolin Shine, Cowboy Magic Green Spot
* stable sheet
* standing wraps
* schooling boots
* saddle (is with me)

Listen. I've got until Wednesday to grab any last minute items. What am I forgetting?!? What is your hose show trunk must have!?!
Before and Clean!

Packed and Ready to Show!


  1. Spare halter and spare reins. Never know when you are going to have a breakage.

  2. Your trunk is lovely! I don't show so I'm no help for additions... all I ever worry about is food. I am always adding granola bars to my brush box haha

  3. I second a spare halter and I like to take some basic first aid supplies, too. Vet wrap, cotton, band aids for me, etc.

  4. hm, i also like to have scissors and a hole punch and usually a couple buckets of varying sizes (with sponge and sweat scraper), plus maybe baby wipes and plenty of treats :)

  5. Your trunk is so organized. I need to do that!