Thursday, September 3, 2015

Birthday Fun!!!

Oh man, what a great day!

I got up and went to an early gym, picked up coffees for Paul and I, then changed and headed to the barns. A wonderful ride on the Ellie at 9:30- despite the fact that Ali has been manning the fort while Diane has been showing down South, she still took the time to give me a private lesson!

Off to see Wilbur around 11 and Amanda tacked him up and put him through his paces. Some fun video of them tackling trail obstacles. I hopped on for a quick moment after for a little trot- he feels great!

After a delicious salad from the salad bar of Farmer Joes (and an episode of Downton Abbey) I headed off to the pedicure that Paul treated me to and got 10 minutes extra of foot rub! Heavenly!

Dinner at my favorite Zachary's Pizza with Paul and little sister Celia and then home for cake and presents!
A great first day of 32!