Thursday, September 24, 2015

Strides and Tides: Sunday

I was tired on Sunday. My sweet friend let me crash in her hotel room in the North Bay on Saturday night so I stayed for the Grand Prix and we got a late night bite. As with any hotel room, sleep doesn't come easily, and I felt like I had barely shut my eyes when it was time to wake up.
Ellie is also tired. And moments later put her face in that pile of poop. 
Nevertheless we persevered, the heat was back, but classes were early and running on time. We had good rides in our first two equitation over fences. Actually, scratch that. We were having a GREAT ride in the second course. A long ride to the final oxer and I felt Ellie slowing down... our quarter was running out. Unfortunately I was also too tired and slow to react. She broke to a trot. Sigh.
Up next was our equitation under saddle and after Saturday's poor performance and my exhaustion I told Ali I thought we should scratch the class. Again I owe Ali a "thank you." She recommended that we do it and reminded me that the classes were practice for Ellie. Like duh. That's why we're here!

Lauren or Kristen's blog posts had yet to be published, where they discuss body-shaming both in the show ring and out, and truth was I felt a little self conscious being judged on solely on my equitation amidst a group of svelte riders. I know Ellie looks good....but me?

Well wouldn't you know? We came out second. A huge burst of confidence in my flatwork.

We ended our Sonoma Show with the 2'-2'3" Medal. We were having a nice ride, a little cross canter in our bending line. But that lone, last oxer struck again. Coming out of the turn I just couldn't feel a rythmn. Too fast? Too slow? Whatever, just kicked for it. 

And I lost my stirrup. Truth. It's in the video. 

Overall we had a lovely time! Already looking forward to next year!


  1. I always feel self conscious in eq too. Congrats on 2nd!!!!

  2. You both look beautiful, great job!! What an awesome first show for you and Ellie together! :D

  3. No matter what happened, you're sitting a lovely horse of your very own. <3

    Srsly I hate mares and greys and I'm making eyes at her.

  4. Go you! That 2nd in the flat had to make you feel SO GOOD

  5. yay you guys look great!!!! congrats on the 2nd place - that's so awesome!

  6. Congrats on your satin! You both look wonderful :)

  7. Yay! I'd call that a successful outing. Congrats!