Thursday, March 24, 2016

Corporate Cowgirl

I sometimes feel like the barn can be a total time warp. Like I pulled in this morning already thinking I had to make things short so I could get into the office. But when you're actually there it's a lot more fun to chat, look at the board, and brush Ellie's tail than it is to hurry up and get going on to the next!

We had a pretty bang up lesson today and Ali said she was pleased to see that I was riding so confidently. We worked through a grid, two stride to two stride, with the third fence set a little longer which led to a few chippy three strides. I need to BELIEVE that I'm not going to die. We landed the grid and carried on to a few rollbacks.

Great practice because.....we're doing a HUNTER DERBY!! Yes- we are entered into our very first...2ft Derby. My friend may have rolled her eyes today when I suggested we go shopping for Shadbelly coats. I pulled the trigger on the April Brookside show because I want showing to become less of a "DEAL" and more of a fun thing. And it's coming up in a cool three weeks time. Very exciting!

Tracy shared a fun post she'd found about us Corporate Cowgirls and I managed to get a snap of my very own barn to office attire- The Ariat Heritage in MulberryOdyssey in Gray, and a sweater thrown over top. Very athe-leisure.


  1. Oooooooh derby!!!!!! That's gonna be awesome!!

  2. Yeah girl! I love the #breechestowork and of course a Hunter Derby (at ANY height!) is super exciting. Make sure to get some media for us!!

  3. Yay show! Can't wait for pictures!