Monday, March 28, 2016

Show Prep: SP Two Day Ship Test

When I bought my saddle back (I could have sworn I blogged about that whole lucky situation but can't for the life of my track down the post)- it came kitted out with Royal Rider Stirrups.

I haven't minded riding in composite stirrups...but since Ellie and I are heading into the Big Eq ring and all, I finally moved on a pair of MDC S Classic Stirrups thanks to the Smartpak 20% off sale and a gift card from Christmas (Thanks MOM)!

With all of the glowing reviews from this community they've been on my want list forever. Aren't they beautiful?

And thanks to Smartpak's new warehouse- ordered on Thursday night with a Monday morning arrival!


  1. oooh pretty! hope you love them!

  2. I have those stirrups and love love love them. I guess Nashville doesn't get free 2 day shipping which is really annoying to me. :/

  3. I gotta get on this two day shipping thing