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Thursday, March 31, 2016


I had been looking forward to my lesson with Ali all week- jump all the things! Unfortunately I showed up with a few monkeys on my back from the day and had trouble shaking them off to really focus on the ride.

Ali had set a 3' vertical into the course but I turned out as we rode up to it. It's just too high. And of course I felt a little let down so I need to remind myself that it wasn't too long ago that a crossrail felt like a win.

Once she dropped it three inches though....!


  1. Yep I definitely know that feeling. Great picture tho!

  2. Girl your confidence is growing in leaps and bounds! Soon 3' will be no big deal!

  3. Yep. Been there. Only I was slightly more ridiculous with a request to lower a jump by 1 inch. Confidence is weird.

  4. Confidence is such a tricky thing. On a few jumps I have to tell myself we can do this S wouldn't kill us. Most it ends up being me muttering "S wouldn't kill us" over and over...

  5. I feel you about the monkeys! You two look awesome in that pic :)